Who am I


Behind Bali Design’s branding and camera is man with a passion for animals, dedicated to his art and determined to produce the most beautiful pet photos ever. This man is me, Matthieu Lambert.

When I am not behind the camera, I am on two wheels riding the wonderful mountain bike trails of Quebec. And if the weather isn’t nice, tech-savvy and knowledge-hungry like I am, I’m learning new things on a multitude of topics.

My passion is to photograph the pets of people who, like you, love their animal and consider them to be part of their family. I know it is difficult to take good photos of your little companion with a cell phone, because he moves fast and the photos are blurry … It’s not a problem for me!

My many years of pet photography experience means that I am able to take amazing photos of your animal. You will be proud to share images with your parents and friends that express the affection you have for your pets. I love working with animals and make sure they have as much fun as I do during the photoshoot. That’s why I’m very patient and I focus on having fun so that all participants have a unique experience. Moreover, the comments of my clients show that I always give the best of myself to ensure that the result is optimal!



Most photographers use their own name to name their business. Since I’ve been doing photography for more than 12 years under the name Lambert Production, (shameless plug!), and my clients are mainly companies, I decided to separate the animal component from the business component, in order to create a brand image that resonates with pet owners.

So I present to you, in this photo, Bali, the most beautiful greyhound retired from racing, coming from the United States (I know, very biased opinion!). Its beautiful colors and unique fur pattern give him a very exotic look, hence the idea of ​​naming it after an equally exotic place, Bali, in Indonesia. This dog that I loved so much has been a part of my life for a few years and he was my first animal model in the studio. It’s thanks to him that this passion for animal photography began, which is why my company proudly bears his name!